Butterflies and Bananas: Blending Nature and Nutrition for Great Food and Family Fun

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ISBN: 9781457524462
144 pages

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Butterflies and Bananas: Blending Nature and Nutrition for Great Food and Family Fun activities offers parents and children: exceptional healthy food recipes, nature fascination and family fun. The fun is provided in clever smoothie recipes named after animals, insects or birds. Illustrations, fun facts and ecological roles –– all serve to engage children and bring nature indoors. This diversion from the material world in combination with the wholesome and delicious smoothie recipes presents an exciting and fun-filled opportunity for children, teens, parents and caregivers to come together and explore.


About Marilyn Robinowitz

Marilyn Robinowitz resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and partner of sixty years. She takes great pride in being an 81-year old physically fit grandmother, with gray hair and biceps. As a volunteer naturalist at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, Marilyn has interpreted environmental education to elementary school age children for 14 years. She started making shakes with her grandson, then garnered feedback from more children, and from family and friends.



Once you have stocked your kitchen with the key ingredients, you will always be able to make a shake. You will not have to make frequent trips to the grocery store–– a delicious and nourishing snack will always be at your finger-tips. That is because the entire premise for this book is one of simplicity and ease.


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